2016 Media Application
Storytellers and documentarians are an integral part of Burning Man. Together, we share the story of Burning Man and add to the Burning Man community's extensive cultural and historical archive year after year. While the Burning Man Netherlands welcomes image-makers to “Where the Sheep Sleep” as storytellers and artists, we can only do so in a limited number due to the unique nature of the event. Thus, we look to approve the strongest, most well thought out project proposals. We encourage you to study the resources and policies recommended below before completing the actual application form.

Submitting a proposal does not guarantee your ability to document the event. A thoughtful proposal, with a clear focus, does improve your chances of being approved.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.
Before You Begin

About “Professional Use Media”:
“Professional Use Media” is used to describe any media project that is intended for public distribution, regardless of commercial intent. This includes – but is not limited to – gallery exhibitions, magazine publication, use on a personal blog or website. To make these kinds of public display of imagery from "Where the Sheep Sleep" requires written permission from Burning Man Netherlands, and this application is the first step. To learn more about what it means to be “Professional Use Media” please read ...

Personal Use:
Recording images or video for sharing with friends and family through personal or noncommercial social media does NOT require registration. You may not share Burning Man Netherlands images on social media accounts for any products, brands, services, or businesses, however.

Though filling out the application may only take you about 15 -30 minutes, preparing your answers should take significantly more time. Having a well thought out proposal will give our review committee a better sense of your project and its potential impact on Burning Man NL "Where the Sheep Sleep" participants and Burning Man's culture internationally. Whether this is your first trip to a Burning Man event or your tenth, reading the website and the links below is the first step to submitting this application. 


Deadline is July 19, 2016:
The deadline to submit a Media Project Proposals is Tuesday July 19. You MUST SUBMIT before the deadline. Project proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis, so submitting your proposal as early as possible is highly recommended. The application must be submitted electronically via this form. We do not accept hard copy or email submissions. Please note: You must complete your application once you begin. There is no “Save & Continue” option available. Once submitted, you will not be able to update your proposal.

For any major changes to your project – acceptance of your proposal by a TV Network, grants funding received for a gallery exhibition, addition of a crew to a previously one-person operation – please contact the Burning Man NL Press Team. Updates or questions can be sent via email to media@burningman.nl

When you have submitted your application you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application.

Thank you!

REMEMBER!!! You must complete your application once you begin!

Are you ready?
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Project Description

Read Press & Media at "Where the Sheep Sleep" > Have you read the Press & Media in section of Burning Man NL? *

Read Rights & Responsibilities > Have you read the Media Rights & Responsibilities in our Content Capture Agreement? *

Read Survival Guide > Have you read the Survival Guide? *

(listed on the right-side of the webpage)

Name of Media Organization *

Please give us the name of any organization(s) with which this project is involved.
Your Role *

Please include your role in this project.
Crew Members

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Sample URL

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Previous Burning Man media projects.

Please list any Burning Man media  projects you have worked on in the past (if any).
Project Details

What you should know when you submit your Media Project description:

● Think this through carefully, especially if yours is a film proposal.
● We intentionally limit the number of video crews at the event, and we do not approve every request. We base our selections on the strength and unique nature of a proposal.
● Selection is not first­ come, first ­served; we review proposals on a rolling basis. As we limit the number of cameras at the event, if we already have a project like yours, we may have to turn down your proposal, even if it’s a great one.
● Factors considered when determining if a project will be approved may include the review of similar projects from this year or previous years, the potential impact of your crew on our community, your previous experience with or stated understanding of Burning Man Netherlands, and many others.

With the above factors in mind, please provide as much detail as you are able for each of the questions in this section.
Project Title *

Please provide a title for your project (a working title is fine).
Media Project Description *

Please provide a thorough description of your project.
Target Audience *

Be sure to describe your intended audience in depth.
Distribution Intent *

What are your plans for public distribution or commercial use of this project? If you do not have a distributor yet but plan to approachcertain outlets, please specify your plans in as much depth as possible. If the content will appear on a web page, please include the URL below. Be specific.

Note: "Commercial Use" is defined by Burning Man NL as any display beyond personal use for friends and family; it does not refer only tousing an image for advertising or selling for commercial profit, but encompasses most widespread public uses regardless of financial gain.
Similar Projects *

Have you completed projects At Burning Man events similar in scope, topic, or treatment to the one you are planning for this year?

Publication Date *

When do you expect to publish your work?
Meet People

Are you looking to connect with individual(s) (staffers, artists, volunteers, Burners in business, Burners involved in technology and science, Burners local to your area) as part of your story? We may be able to help. Please give us a description of the types of Burning Man participants you'd like to meet.
Why Burning Man Netherlands *

What makes you want to cover Burning Man NL "Where the sheep Sleep"?

Tell us what we haven't asked you.
Image Capture Details;
Content and Equipment.

Content Information *

Which of the following type of content will you be capturing? Check all that apply !

** For Drone / UAV Projects ** If you are planning to fly a drone or UAV at "Where the Sheep Sleep", it must be registered. Drone registration is required before a camera can be approved for use with a UAV. We will contact you if you selected "drone footage" below and if your project has been approved.

If you indicated Other content, please specify here.

Project Type *

Which of the following best describes your type of project? Please check all that apply.

Number of cameras being brought to the playa for this project *

Include all cameras being brought by the entire crew.
Camera(s) *

Please list make, model, lenses if pertinent to the project.
Other Equipment

Include any non­camera equipment you will be using, such as external lights and microphones, monitors, camera mounts, aerial devices, etc.
Event­ Specific Questions

Ticket *

Have you already obtained tickets for Where the Sheep Sleep 2016? Members of the media are not issued free passes; you - and your entire crew - will still need to source and purchase tickets.

Date of Arrival *

What day do you anticipate arriving at WtSS? (Note: Arriving before the event gates open on Friday, July 29, 2016 requires specific permission on an extremely limited basis.)

Departure Date *

What day do you anticipate departing from the playa?

Arrival Method *

Please describe how you will get to Black Rock City.
Interview Request

Please give us the names of any specific Burning Man participants (Burning Man Founders, organizers, volunteers, artists, theme campleads, mutant vehicle owners, Regional contacts, international Burners, affiliated nonprofits groups, etc.) you know you would like to interview for this project.

Camp *

Do you have arrangements made to camp with a particular group?

Camp Name

Please tell us which group you will be camping with and the camp's location, if you know it.
Burning Man NL League of Documentation *

Would you be interested in being a member of the Burning Man NL Doc Team? The BMNL Doc Team is a network of photographers and videographers that support the Burning Man NL Organization and each other's projects by sharing skills, experience, and content. Being a member of the Doc Team means not only having access to additional on­site and pos-­event support, as well as that shot you just need to have and didn't get, but it also means being willing to contribute energy or content to other folks' projects as well. Media Project approval preference is given to those who will immerse themselves in the community in ways beyond their reportage of the event.

Select YES to receive more information about being a member of the BMNL Doc Team.

Content Capture Agreement

Because you will be capturing images or audio at a Burning Man NL event, you must read and agree to the following Content Capture Agreement before submitting.

Media captured at Burning Man NL "Where the Sheep Sleep" may not be used professionally without express written permission from Stg Burning Man Netherlands / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V.

"Professional Use" is defined as display beyond friends and family or for commercial use. Financial profit is not the determining factor; all public uses must obtain permission. *

Content Capture Agreement

Media Rights and Responsibilities

Burning Man Netherlands "Where the Sheep Sleep" is a private event held on private land. As a participant or member of the media, you must be aware of your rights and responsibilities. Burning Man NL is committed to preserving the uniquely creative and noncommercial character of its culture. To that end, we ask all participants, including members of the media, to exercise and respect certain rights and responsibilities. Below you will find the following important information:
- Personal vs. Professional Use
- Photo & Video Rights and Responsibilities
- Professional Media Use Rights and Responsibilities

For any media-related questions, please contact media@burningman.nl

Personal vs. Professional Use
At Burning Man NL Where the Sheep Sleep, you don’t have to be getting paid to be a Pro. “Professional Use Media” is used to describe pretty much any media project that is intended for public distribution.

Personal Use Media:
Burners are welcomed to use photos, videos, and audio recordings obtained at the event for their personal use, which includes:
- Sharing with your friends and personal social media networks.
- Displaying on personal websites, as long as the websites do not sell any products or services, and do not pretend or appear to be an official Burning Man website.
-  Posting to your personal accounts on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr, as long as the posts aren’t commercial in any manner and the accounts aren’t used for purposeful promotion. 

You may not directly monetize any media through paywalls or advertisements. Even if your images and videos are for Personal Use, you must read, understand, and follow the Photo & Video Rights and Responsibilities.

Every burner with a camera has a responsibility to be respectful to the community and its members!

Professional Use Media:
If you wish to use any photo, video, or audio from the event for any non-personal use, you must apply as Professional Use Media for the Burning Man NL event. We require this registration process to protect the privacy and other rights of participants and to prevent commercial exploitation of Burning Man NL.

Non-personal use includes:
- Publishing photos in a printed or online book, magazine, or newspaper.
- Using footage in a professional quality video.
- Displaying images on a non-personal website or in a gallery show.
- Using imagery in a documentary or TV show.
- Distributing media to any third-party group or publication. This includes offering photos for publication, or making any commercial or promotional use of event media.
- A general rule of thumb for whether a use is non-personal: Is the event imagery being used for financial gain, OR being widely distributed beyond your personal network of friends and family? If either of these is true, please apply as Professional Use Media by contacting media@burningman.nl

You are also responsible for obtaining clear and informed consent from the subjects in your photos.

If your image violates the privacy or other rights of another participant, you should not display it in any public manner.

If you did not pre-register as a professional shooter at the event, you may apply for permission later if you or someone else wishes to make non-personal use of your images. But you must obtain our written permission before the use is made.

You have the right to express yourself and create art as a photographer, videographer, and/or audio artist. Unless you have prior written permission from Burning Man NL / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V. you may only use photos, videos, or audio obtained at the event for personal use.

You are responsible for respecting the participants you wish to record and seeking their permission before photographing or filming them. If you are asked to stop filming, you must do so immediately. You have the responsibility not to interfere with the immediate experience of other participants.

The Burning Man NL symbol, the phrases “Burning Man” and “Where the Sheep Sleep,” the design of the Burning Man (aka “the Man”), as well as other key infrastructure are protected by trademark and/or copyright law. In keeping with the principle of Decommodification, these trademarks and copyrights may not be used for any commercial or third-party purposes without Burning Man NL's / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V. written consent. 

Our Ticket Terms and Conditions cover our media policies in depth. By using your ticket to enter the event, you accept and agree to these policies. Failure to comply with these or any other media policies is grounds for eviction from the event and may bar entry in future years.

Professional Use Rights and Responsibilities
Anyone who plans to shoot video or photography at the Burning Man NL event for non-personal use must apply with Burning Man before filming and sign a professional use contract. “Non-personal use” means any use that is commercial and/or widely distributed beyond one’s personal network of friends and family. You can start the process here.

All members of the media - and anyone else who plans to make non-personal use of event imagery - must check in at Media Mecca upon arriving at Where the Sheep Sleep.

If you fail to register or receive approval for your project, but you record event imagery for your project anyway, you are trespassing. 

Trespassers have no rights to any use of event imagery, and Burning Man NL / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V. reserves the right to take any necessary action against trespassers.

Professional use contracts are required to sell any imagery from the Burning Man NL event. We do not permit online sales, or the sale or distribution of photos or videos via stock agencies.

Before professional use contract holders can publish any event imagery, they must obtain written permission from an authorized member of Burning Man’s NL Communications Department. Such written permission may be subject to restrictions, including granting Burning Man NL a license to display your imagery in Burning Man NL communications.
Burning Man NL / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V. forbids the making of profit from the documentation of nudity at the event without the express written permission of the subjects and Burning Man NL / Black Rock(s) Orange B.V..
You must use model releases for all recognizable individuals. We may ask for verification of these releases before granting permission to use an image or footage commercially.
The copyright of a design, written work, artwork, or performance is owned by the person or group who created it. You must ask permission before capturing such artwork and performances and obtain signed model/property license(s) or release(s) from all appropriate parties.
I have read and understand the Information above and accept its conditions.

Note: If you do not agree to the above information, your application WILL NOT be accepted for media submission.
Thank You! Your application has been successfully submitted.You should receive notice around one week prior to "Where the Sheep Sleep" about whether your proposed project is approved, under review, or not approved. If approved, you will receive a Professional Use Agreement to be signed electronically. Feel free to email press@burningman.nl with any questions.
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